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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a home inspection?
Do I need a home inspection?
I’m buying a new home. Why would I need a home inspection?
Inspection vs. Appraisal: What’s the difference?
Do I attend the home inspection with the inspector?
How long will the inspection take?
Why choose A Smart Inspection, LLC?
My inspector found problems! What should I do now?
Any other questions?

What is a home inspection?      Top
A Smart Inspection, LLC is a thorough, visual, and non-invasive analysis of a home and its major components.  Check out the Inspection Process for details.  We want to educate you about your home, and guide you through what your home needs to keep you safe and comfortable.

Do I need a home inspection?      Top
Absolutely.  Buying a home can be an intimidating venture, and it's likely the largest investment you’ll ever make.  Protect yourself - you should know as much as possible about the property.  Every home has issues. We will provide you with valuable knowledge about the condition of the home.  You wouldn't buy a previously owned car without having a mechanic look at it, would you?

I’m buying a new home. Why would I need a home inspection?      Top
A new home is a perfect candidate for a professional home inspection.  What about building codes?  Realize that a code simply defines the bare minimum a builder must do to not break the law.  Good building practices go well beyond code.  And, although we are not code inspectors, we will regularly discover code violations in new construction or rehab projects.  When buying a new property, you should be getting exactly what you expect.  Let A Smart Inspection, LLC help ensure that your new house was built properly.  In home construction, small mistakes often are not visible to residents until they have become big problems.  We have never met a defect-free new construction home.

Inspection vs. Appraisal: What’s the difference?      Top
An Appraisal evaluates the market value of a property.  An Inspection evaluates the condition of a property.  The difference is very important.

Do I attend the home inspection with the inspector?      Top
Yes! It’s not required, but it is certainly recommended.  We will educate you about maintaining your new home.  We can explain things as we go, providing you with a better understanding with any defects we discover and recommendations we make.

How long will the inspection take?      Top
This depends on the property and our findings.  A small single-family home will usually take around three and a half hours.

Why choose A Smart Inspection, LLC?      Top
We listen carefully to your concerns and provide a great service.  When we take on the responsibility of an inspection, we are working for you - no one else.  We will not discuss our findings with anyone, unless we have your permission.  We are biased, in favor of you, and bound only by the truth.

My inspector found problems! What should I do now?      Top
Relax.  Every house, new or old, has issues that should get attention.  It is important to realize that the sellers are not obligated to address anything discovered by an inspection.  Often the sellers are surprised to learn of the results of the inspection.  Problems found in a home do not have to lead to the end of the purchase.  Work with your agent to take the next steps, whatever they may be.  You have a lot of options.

Call us any time, and we will try to answer any of your questions about the home you are considering.

Any other questions?      Top
Call  A Smart Inspection, LLC  at  314-482-7483

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