Radon Test

Has your home been tested for radon?

Radon is a colorless and odorless gas (a byproduct of decomposing Uranium).   This gas is released in the soil and seeps up into our atmosphere.  The foundations of our homes trap radon underneath until it finds a way to penetrate and enter into our home.  While there are no immediate symptoms from exposure to radon, prolonged exposure has been linked to lung cancer.  Only smoking has more causes of lung cancer than radon.  Smokers exposed to radon are much more at risk of developing lung cancer.

It is even possible for radon to enter the home through well water.  It is possible for granite counter tops to contain levels of radon, but the risk from granite alone is minimal.

The Environmental Protection Agency reports that 1 in 15 homes in the United States contain unsafe levels of radon.

The radon test is conducted for a 48-hour time period by a continuous monitor to detect radon concentration levels inside the home. The radon test monitor is placed in the lowest habitable level of the house.  The test monitor has fool-proof electronics to detect any tampering during the test period.

The test results are an average of the radon measurement readings during the entire 48-hour test period.  These results are emailed to you by the next business day.

The cost of a radon test is $120.  If you also get a home inspection, the cost is $70.

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